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One of the best joys in my life is getting to be Schuyler’s Executive Director of our Chamber of Commerce! I accepted this role in 2020 and haven’t looked back and more importantly, haven’t let off the accelerator to get Schuyler noticed and recognized for how truly awesome we are. 

My role here as a one staff only Chamber has a tremendous amount of duties ranging from membership, business marketing and education, events, social media and business promotion, to just name a few. Schuyler is one of the most unique small towns in Nebraska with some of the most stellar businesses around.  We’ve worked hard to let everyone know our members’ businesses are amazing and all that they offer. WE are a great place to live but also a fantastic place to visit!

My background of owning a small mom n pop business has helped me to enhance and work with our members by adding experience, patience, and understanding of all facets in this industry. Watching them succeed brings me great pleasure as well as seeing them thrive knowing all their hard work and efforts have paid off. 

My family is very important to me, proud of my two children who are happy and successful adults today and adore my three grandchildren more than anything. I’ve been blessed with a wonderful big family and many friends who I would do anything for. I’ve learned that life is always full of surprises and its best to be spontaneous and just roll with whatever gets dropped in front of you. My cup is always half full and I’m grateful for each day to be blessed on this earth. We really are what we make of each day, so why not make it great! 

Please do stop by and visit anytime, schedule a coffee date, or let me give you a tour of our Schuyler and show you why you should live here, celebrate that you live here, open a business here, support our businesses here, have an event here, or attend an event here..  we’re just that AMAZING!

(402) 352-5472

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