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Schuyler is home to different key industry clusters that attract diverse businesses and talent prospects including Manufacturing, Retail, Agriculture, Construction, Healthcare, and Education. These industries are major additions that make Schuyler a progressive, prosperous, clean, and friendly community. 

Our city is a unique community that has, since its founding in 1870, welcomed immigrants in search of new beginnings and opportunities. The first immigrants to Schuyler were Czech, Irish, and German--all had a

great impact on downtown. Since then, Schuyler has seen new waves of immigration and today our citizens enjoy the international community with members from Mexico, Central America, Peru, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Sudan, and others.


Schuyler represents the collaboration of this international diversity with ideas and concepts that are interconnected and continually evolving. Schuyler's international residents, although diverse, demonstrate collaboration with ideas and concepts that are interconnected and continually evolving. 

Colfax County ranks first in Nebraska with the number of foreign-born residents and is also the second youngest county in Nebraska--with residents younger than eighteen years of age. Nationally, Colfax County is 30th out of 3,143 other counties in residents younger than the age of five--truly making our international community a unique niche in Nebraska. 

Our little slice of the world wants to keep growing, and we are excited to welcome you--we know you'll be just as proud as we are to call Schuyler home! Whatever your reason for considering a move to Schuyler, we're happy to have you and want to make the transition easier. 

Check out the Schuyler Landlord Listings or contact our Housing Development Director Brian Bywater at (402) 615-3653 or to find out more about the housing in Schuyler. 

Please fill out the Relocate to Schuyler form, and we can get in touch to send you all the information you need. 

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